Core movements in all three units address back and hips, movement, flexibility and posture.

UPPER LIMB goes into detail on healthy arms, shoulders, neck and head.

LOWER LIMB focuses on healthy feet and legs, hips and lower back, the foundation and support for a fluid TRUNK.

TRUNK (or torso) really explores the spine, how it relates through the ribs, roots the arms and finds easy uprightness in space.


FREE INTRO: Sunday, September 22nd, 9-10 am
LOWER LIMB: Sunday, September 22nd, 10-11:30 am
TRUNK: (TBD) Either October 12th or 13th 9-10:30 am
UPPER LIMB: First or Second weekend of November

*Additional dates may be added!

FREE INTRO consists of simple movements and new understanding of how to nurture order in your body.  (No foam rolling)[ahm-pricing-table id=349 template=”gray” currency=”$”]

In this great 3 part workshop you will learn:

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