Structural Integration is a unique kind of hands on bodywork that systematically brings the human body out of compensation patterns, due to stress and injury, and into balance, strength and integrity. Where chiropractors work on the bones, and massage therapists work on the muscles, practitioners of Structural Integration address the connective tissue or fascia of the body.

Fascia is a network of tissue that acts as a ground substance for the human body. It wraps every tissue like a sleeve; it wraps muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and organs. It also travels through every tissue like a three dimensional web. So through the fascia, the function of every system and organ in the body can be affected and improved.

Imagine cotton candy. If you were to grab a piece, it would clump together in a wad. Connective tissue acts similarly. Strain and injury patterns in the body cause the fascia to stick to itself and other tissues, resulting in a loss of flexibility, strength and resiliency. Structural Integration “fluffs up” these stuck layers and restores the body’s natural elasticity and balance resulting in greater strength, energy and vitality. Ida Rolf said that our intention is to affect the layers of connective tissue in such a way that they flow over one another like a thousand silk scarves.

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